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Q: How much does it cost?

A: To become a member of Exeter Dog Training Club, you will need to pay an annual membership fee of £15 for individual membership, £20 for family membership (more than one person at the same address), or £5 for junior membership (under 16).  Membership is renewable on 1 April each year.  Then there are class fees, £25 for an initial five Puppy course or £30 for the six week Beginners course.  Thereafter £4 (£2 for juniors) per class each week that you attend.

Q: How long are the classes?
A: Most classes last 30 minutes, as it is better for young dogs (and their handlers!) to learn in small digestable chunks.  The Intermediate and Advanced classes last for 40 minutes.  New members join the Puppy or Beginners courses which run for six weeks.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: As well as your dog, you should bring a collar and lead of your choice (we will advise you on the choice and fitting of this), tasty titbits (small pieces of cheese, sausage or liver cake are ideal), a toy (one your dog really likes) and poop bags.  On enrolment or on your first visit please bring your dogs vaccination certificate.
Q: My dog is nervous, should I bring him/her?
A: Many puppies and dogs find the first one or two visits to dog training club a bit daunting.  It is important to allow your dog time to become accustomed to his/her surroundings.  It's fine if he/she wants to hide under a chair or behind your legs!  Try to relax and act confidently yourself, keep the lead slack and be careful not to inadvertently praise him/her for being nervous.  Almost all dogs quickly gain confidence and enjoy coming to classes.
Q: My dog is aggressive, can I bring him/her?
A: If your dog is aggressive with other dogs and/or people, please telephone us or advise us when you enrol.  Our Head Trainer will discuss your dogs requirements with you.  We have to bear in mind the safety and well being of all our members (human and canine) and regrettably, there may be some circumstances where we decide that a particular dog is unsuited to group training classes.  If your dog is aggressive or simply noisy and/or boisterous, please be careful not to let him/her frighten other dogs.
Q: My dog is a rescue dog, is it too late to train him?
A: You can teach an old dog new tricks!  Some (but by no means all) rescue dogs will have learned undesirable behaviour or have particular hang-ups, and we will try and help you work through these.  If your rescue dog is aggressive, please refer to the question above.
Q: Are you going to train my dog for me?
A: Definitely not!  Each week we will show you how to train your dog.  Our classes are practical and "hands on" with opportunities to ask questions.  However, to get the most out of our classes you and your dog will need to regularly practice what you have learned.  We recommend training little and often, say a couple of times a day for five minutes or so.
Q: Do you offer one-to-one training?
A: All training is done in classes with up to ten dogs, all at a similar stage in their training.  Two trainers are allocated to each class and there are opportunities to ask them specific questions during and after your class.  However, in the time and space available we are unable to offer regular one-to-one training.
Q: I've got two dogs, can I bring both of them?
A: Of course you may bring more than one dog to classes.  But you will only be able train one dog per handler in each class.  If there is only one handler we will endeavour to accomodate the dogs in different classes (eg one in puppies and one in beginners).  If there are two handlers it may be possible to train both dogs in the same class.  Please bear in mind that dogs who live together may be distracted by eachother (this is particularly the case with litter brothers/sisters or young dogs) and this could slow down their learning.  Getting two puppies from the same litter may seem like a good idea, but it is not without its risks (littermate syndrome).  Class and course fees apply to each dog, but only one membership payment is required, this will need to be family membership if there is more than one handler.
Q: Are children welcome?
A: Your new dog is part of the family and children are welcome to come along to the classes either as participants or spectators.  See our Children page for guidance and advice.
Q: Why are some classes at Woodbury?
A: Demand for pet obedience classes on Thursday nights makes it impossible for us to offer a competitive obedience class.  Therefore handlers and their dogs who wish to compete in Kennel Club licensed obedience shows have been getting together to train on Wednesday or Friday evenings at Woodbury Village Hall.  We are pleased to also offer a mixed pet dog training class at the same venue.  This classes is aimed at dog owners from Woodbury and the surrounding area, or people who are unable to attend the Thursday evening classes in Exeter.
Q: How do I make liver cake?
A: Pulverise about 8oz of liver in a food processor, beat in an egg, and around 8oz flour, several cloves of crushed garlic and more liquid (milk or oil) if necessary to get a cake like consistency.  Press into a greased baking tin (swiss roll type is best) and bake in a medium oven for around 30 minutes.  Turn out and cool, cut into small pieces, divide into small batches and freeze.  This is only a rough guide, experiment with quantities and ingredients until you get the right consistency for you, your dog and your oven.